Lee Williams "Sittin' 'Round Waitin' For The World To End" 10"


"Sittin' 'round waitin' for the world to end..." was the response my good friend Jerry Palmer gave to my inquiring how he was doing during the last phone call I would have with him. A few months later he would die of a heart attack. This phrase always stuck with me. It could be interpreted in the negative, as in you're just sitting there waiting for time to cease, or you're waiting for some biblical flood to wipe out the earth, or you're just simply waiting to die. I choose to see it in a positive light. Sitting in quiet reflection of the good life you're living until it's your time to go. That is exactly the way I'm trying to live my life. I'm trying to see as much of the world as I can before I go, and I'm trying to make art that I'm proud of to leave behind when I do. To me that means writing as many songs as I can, recording as much music as I can, and releasing as much of it out into the world as I can possibly manage, all while living a life that is worthy of writing about. A life worth quietly reflecting about as you sit on the porch watching the sunset for the last time...

This album is made up of an amalgamation of songs that were written and recorded at varying times between 2003 and 2014 at Speakeasy Recording Studio in Oceanside, CA.

This album is dedicated to the memory of my friend Jerry "The Scrap Man" Palmer and to my love, my muse Maria Espach.
I'd like to thank my friends Brett Wood, Ray Ream, JP Hewett, Marco Savoia and Mike Reilly for helping me make this album.
Special thanks to my father Thomas E. Williams, Jessica Smith, Adam Rosen, Aunt Pat and Uncle Wayne, Aunt Hilda and Uncle Bo, Aunt Betty and Uncle Dana, Connie Arand, Danica Jordan, Scott Llyod, Alison Rubalcava, Gregory Thornton, Josie Walton, Lani Francis, Phil Needleman, Stephanie Scurry-Phillips, Summer Breault, Jason York, Rebecca and Kevin Joelson, Nate Mahan, Heather Akridge, Neil Mclean, Matthew Rakers, Ron and Danielle Rauto, Sarah and Chad Spinks, Sam Bunn, Yiga Miyashiro, Jason Payne, Cody Vaughn, Unkie Winston Goertz-Giffen, Ernesto Garcia, Jimbo Carlin, Bernie Bernal, Rhy Thornton, Lyle Plumlee, Jon Latimer, Alexis Embrey and Ch@nge. For without your financial contributions all these songs might have never left my hard drive, or my head. Thank you for your support and thank you for your generosity. I hope you enjoy the album. I also want to thank my mother, my grandparents alive and deceased, my brother and his whole family, my sister, and all the rest of my family and friends for the years of support and positive energy. -Lee Williams

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